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News Round Up

News Round Up

News Round Up

News Round Up

Past Press 2012
12/24/12 Advertising Industry Forecast for 2013
12/24/12 5 Ways To Push Your Company Past The Startup Phase

 12/19/12 The Most Common Misconception of 2012: Display Looks Like Search

12/17/12 5 Ways To Push Your Company Past The Startup Phase
12/12/12 Breaking Down Myths About Big Data With James Green of Magnetic
12/10/12 The Biggest Disruptions to Hit The Ad Industry in 2012
12/5/12 From Tablets to mHealth: Gearing up For CES 2013
11/30/12 Marketing Morsels From: Magnetic’s James Green
11/28/12 Water Cooler Talk: What Ad Agency Execs are Thinking about Digital Marketing Metrics
11/26/12 2012: The Year of Ad Targeting
11/20/12 Top-10 Predictions for Real-Time Bidding 2013
11/6/12 Magnetic CEO: Saying “No” to Steve Jobs
11/1/12 Looking Under The Hood of RTB
10/29/12 Predictions For The Future of Advertising & Media
10/24/12 See You At The Voting Booth: Political Search And Display Strategies
10/18/12 What Kids Can Teach Us About Marketing’s Future
10/3/12 3 Reasons Why Current Attribution Models Are Falling Short (& Possible Solutions)
10/1/12 Will Search Engines One Day Be Overcome With Display Ads?
9/27/12 Embracing The Attribution Revolution
9/27/12 RTB Is Growing Up
9/26/12 Part 2: A Bird’s Eye View of the Search & Display Lumascapes
 8/13/12 Water Cooler Talk: Mom’s Are the It Demographic, But Misunderstood
9/05/12 Hunting With Data
9/04/12 Data Hunting Season: The Most Effective Times Of The Year To Add Data To Your Media Plan
8/30/12 Google Study Dives Into Multiscreen Madness
8/29/12 10 Agency CEO’s Told Us What Their Summer Jobs Were When They Were Kids
8/29/12 A Bird’s Eye View Of The Search & Display Lumascapes 
8/06/12 Targeted Advertising: Gaining Ground For Branding Campaigns
7/30/12 Mobile and the Disintermediation of Traditional Search
7/30/12 Retargeting Firm Magnetic Buys Ad Platform Adnamic
7/30/12 Search Retargeting Firm Magnetic Acquires Platform Technology Adnamic
7/26/12 Which Ad Attribution Model Should You Use?
7/9/12 Not All Digital Ads Are Created Equal
7/5/12 “Search” Beyond the “Engine”: Alternative Search Sites
6/18/12 Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Have an Exit Strategy
6/13/12 The Pros And Cons of Coupling Data and Media
6/11/12 Premium Content V. Audience Data: Which Is Best For Marketers?
6/11/12 Beyond Google – Tap Into the Alternative Search Engine Data Opportunity
6/8/12 Venture Capital Deals
6/7/12 Magnetic Raises $10MM to Ensure Ads Are Relevant, Wherever Web Users See Them
6/7/12 Magnetic Gains Added Monies, Considers Mobile Search Retargeting
6/7/12 500% growth? 10M in new cash? Steve Jobs-trained CEO? Magnetic has it all
5/18/12 Facebook’s Gettin’ Down On Friday
5/14/12 Embrace Science and Big Data: The Attribution Revolution
5/9/12 A Search Retargeting Guide For Search Marketers
4/16/12 Search Beyond Search Engines Can Yield Valuable Data For Advertisers
4/11/12 What Does Big Data Mean to You?
4/5/12 As Google goes semantic, some web analysts are already there
4/3/12 People On The Move
3/30/12 New Hires: The Weekly Rundown
3/30/12 Industry Update
3/29/12 Industry Moves: Magnetic
3/27/12 James Green to Speak at Top Industry Events in April
3/15/12 Magnetic Adds Three New Offices In 2012, Announces Huge 2011 Revenue Growth
3/7/12 How To Use Search Retargeting Data for Site Retargeting
2/21/12 All Marketers Are Geniuses: Moving from Ubiquity to Specificity
2/17/12 Bringing Order to Sequence in Search Retargeting
1/27/12 Marketing Wisdom for 2012
1/20/12 Hold on to Your Customers Through Retargeting
1/20/12 Display’s The Thing
1/18/12 Understanding Keywords in Search Retargeting
1/17/12 5 Tactics for Combining Search and Display
Past Press 2011
12/27/11 New Hires: A Look At Late December
12/21/11 Fixing The Agency Disconnect Between Search & Display Buyers
12/19/11 The Future Of Display: What’s Ahead for 2012
12/16/11 Sales and Marketing People On The Move
12/16/11 Industry Moves: Lou Pine Joins Magnetic
12/15/11 Magnetic Appoints Lou Pine as New VP of Sales
12/7/11 All Marketers Are Genuises: Keeping up With the Searchers
11/23/11 Search Vs. Display: Which Will Come Out On Top In 2012?
11/16/11 Search Intent: The Human Psychology Supporting Online Advertising
10/26/2011 All Marketers Are Geniuses: “Smart is In”
10/26/2011 Tips For Checking Your Holiday Retargeting List Twice
10/24/2011 Welcome aboard: Green is new CEO at Magnetic
10/24/2011 Looking for the Open Spaces in the LUMAscape
10/20/2011 Magnetic Gets New CEO
10/19/2011 Magnetic Appoints James Green CEO
10/11/2011 Inside Google’s Debate Over Search Retargeting
9/19/2011 All Marketers Are Geniuses: “Cut the B.S.”
9/13/2011 A Marketer’s Guide to Advances in Retargeting
9/6/2011 Defining the Future of Search
9/6/2011 Rethinking the Future of Search
9/5/2011 Display Advertising Reaches for the Stars
9/2/2011 Why Display is Changing the Value of Search
9/1/2011 How do Search Marketers Overcome the Creative Challenge in Display Advertising?
8/22/2011 Four Customers, Severn Steps: Executing Site & Search Retargeting
8/12/2011 All Marketers Are Geniuses: You either have it, or you don’t
7/28/2011 Display Industry Execs Call For Education On Data Use
7/25/2011 Summer Travel Search: Are We There Yet?
7/21/2011 Magnetic Has A Rep for Search Retargeting
7/19/2011 Magnetic Adds Site Retargeting To Search For Display Ads
7/15/2011 Self-Service for Search Retargeting
7/13/2011 All Marketers Are Geniuses: How to Leverage (and Streamline) Data for Marketing Success
6/30/2011 All Marketers are Geniuses: An Introduction
6/17/2011 Online ad spending up, venture capitalists look for next big thing
6/12/2011 Five New (and powerful) Targeting Methods
6/9/2011 What SEM is Not
6/3/2011 Is Search Engine Marketing Advertising?
5/25/2011 Stop Pretending That Search Engine Marketing Is Advertising
5/17/2011 Start-Up Watch COD: Magnetic delivers search retargeting to millions and millions
5/16/2011 Magnetic and C3 Metrics target “full funnel” attribution
5/4/2011 Search Retargeting – Where Search and Media Meet
5/2/2011 Google To Unveil Re-Marketing Tools, Improve Personalization
4/29/2011 Think Piece: Search Ads Suck
4/29/2011 Is Search Advertising the Worst Form of Advertising?
4/28/2011 Olive Media Zeroes in with Search Retargeting
4/27/2011 Magnetic, C3 Metrics Help Marketers Refine Ad Targeting, Search
4/26/2011 Why Search Is the Worst Form of Advertising (but Best form of Targeting)
4/26/2011 Olive Media Adds Search Retargeting To Online Ad Solution
4/26/2011 Stored Searches Trigger Targeted Digital Display Ads
4/20/2011 Part 2: Seeing the Future – Architecture & the Product Roadmap
4/12/2011 Straight from Ad:Tech – Magnetic Shares Insights
4/8/2011 CEO Showcase: Magnetic
4/6/2011 Magnetic: Online ad industry needs more transparency
4/5/2011 Magnetic Continues To Focus On Search Retargeting Data, Adds Media Says CEO Shatkin-Margolis
4/4/2011 Entrepreneur’s Spotlight
4/1/2011 Industry Moves: Magnetic; TagMan; Engadget; Digitas
3/29/2011 Welcome Aboard: Jonathan Penn Joins Magnetic as VP of Sales
3/27/2011 Engineering Kimono
3/24/2011 Explainer: Retargeting
3/24/2011 Looking At Web Site Content Through Search Engine Eyes
3/24/2011 The Two Jobs of a Great Engineering Team
3/22/2011 Magnetic Issues Call for Greater Transparency
3/18/2011 Search + Display + Attribution Modeling = Transparency
2/16/2011 Data 101: Targeting Display
Past Press 2010
12/13/2010 Search Data, Baby, And Where To Find It
12/3/2010 Display Gets Self-Serve Search Retargeting
12/3/2010 Magnetic Debuts Self-Service Search
12/2/2010 Magnetic Gets More Attractive With Self-Service
12/1/2010 Search Marketers Get Comfortable Buying Display and Video Ads In 2011
10/31/2010 5Qs With Magnetic CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis
10/19/2010 Search retargeting company Magnetic unveiled a solution to help retailers serve dynamic display ads
10/19/2010 Magnetic Attracts Tumri For Dynamic Retargeting
10/19/2010 Magnetic, Tumri Hold Hands
10/19/2010 Magnetic And Tumri Expand Dynamic Retargeting Tools Across Web
10/18/2010 Magnetic, Tumri partner for product-specific ads
9/23/2010 Why Not Ad Retargeting?
8/14/2010 BrightRoll Links with Magnetic to Bring Search Engine Retargeting to Online Video Ads (Video)
8/11/2010 BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) and data exchange Magnetic announced a partnership
8/10/2010 Serve Re-Targeted Video Ads with BrightRoll, Thanks to Magnetic Deal
8/10/2010 BrightRoll, Magnetic partner for retargeted video ads
8/10/2010 Search re-targeting specialist Magnetic has developed a solution for video ad networks
8/10/2010 BrightRoll Partners With Search Retargeting Firm Magnetic
8/10/2010 Magnetic Brings Search Retargeting to Online Video Ads
8/9/2010 Accounts and People of Note in the Ad Industry
8/8/2010 Executive Moves
7/16/2010 Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?
7/13/2010 Cynopsis: Digital – Executive Movers
7/13/2010 Welcome Aboard: Industry Hirings & Promotions
7/13/2010 Peralta Joins Search Retargeting Company Magnetic As COO
7/2/2010 11 Inventory Sources For Keyword Marketers
6/29/2010 Hot companies for search retargeting
6/18/2010 5Qs With Magnetic CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis
6/17/2010 Got Funds? Magnetic Brings Home $4 Million
6/16/2010 Retargeting Ad Tech Attracts Money, More Interest
6/16/2010 Search re-targeting start-up Magnetic is announcing a new solution today to enable advertisers to buy display media and search data together
6/16/2010 Magnetic Raises Another $4 Million; CEO Shatkin-Margolis Discusses Search Re-Targeting Usage
6/16/2010 Magnetic Secures $4 Million In VC Funding
6/16/2010 Magnetic raises $4M to target ads using search data
6/16/2010 Re-Targeter Magnetic Raises $5 Million First Round
5/29/2010 Magnetic Brings New Revenue To Parked Domains
5/28/2010 Magnetic Finds Display Polarity Through Search Retargeting
5/26/2010 Magnetic Enables Advertisers to Retarget Search Data to Target Audiences Higher Up The Purchase Funnel
5/24/2010 Search data marketplace provider Magnetic is announcing an integration with ad networks interCLICK and Undertone Networks
5/22/2010 Got Funds? Magnetic Rakes In $1.25 Million Before Formal Launch
5/17/2010 Can Search Advertisers Play in Display’s Backyard?
4/27/2010 Efficient Frontier Ties Search to Display with DSP Launch
4/1/2010 Magnetic Bringing Transparency To Customer Segments In Display By Leveraging Power Of Search Says CEO Shatkin-Margolis
3/31/2010 How Yahoo’s Search Retargeting Platform Delivers Many Happy Returns
3/25/2010 Google Retargets AdWords Remarketing Tool
3/22/2010 Magnetic launches search-based remarketing platform
3/22/2010 Magnetic Brings Search Re-Targeting To The Masses
3/22/2010 Magnetic CEO Discusses $1.25 Million Funding And Company Launch
3/22/2010 DoubleClick Lead Architect Launches Search Retargeting Platform
3/22/2010 Magnetic Hopes To Attract Search Data