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Case Studies

Retail Case Study – Pushing Consumers Through the Sales Funnel with Search Retargeting 

Retail clients seek sales results. By taking the power of search data and applying it to digital display advertising, this Fortune 50 retailer was able to focus on driving sales for two specific outdoor consumer products.

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Performance Case Study – Reaching Beyond the Search Engine with Search Retargeting 

A leader in online education wanted to go beyond search engine marketing to reach consumers interested in online colleges. To do this, the advertiser leveraged search retargeting.

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Reach/Scale Case Study – Using Dynamic Creative to Drive Reach & ROI

Using dynamic creative, an online etailer tapped into search retargeting to drive ROI online.

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Search Retargeting Branding Case Study – Search Retargeting vs. RON 

A large global auto advertiser wanted to engage consumers through an online branding campaign focused on its hybrid automotive vehicle. Working with Magnetic, the auto brand targeted users based on search history to drive engagement across the web.

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