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  • ad:tech video interview with Magnetic CEO James Green

    In a recent interview with AllVoices at ad:tech, Magnetic CEO James Green talked about search retargeting and his predictions for tech advertising in 2012.

    Check out the video here

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    ad:tech video interview with Magnetic CEO James Green
  • Download: The Future is Now

    Today, digital channels are experiencing hyper-innovation. Yet, although SEM still gets a brand closer to the purchasing decision than other medium, taken on its own it lacks a futuristic vision. “The Future is Now” whitepaper takes a detailed look at how the digital marketing landscape is changing, arguing that search retargeting is the future of search. Download now.

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    Download: The Future is Now

Magnetic is Search Retargeting

Download Report: Search Retargeting

Check out "The Future is Now," which focuses on how display will drive innovation in search and search retargeting. Download now.

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Magnetic™ is always looking for talented and professional individuals to join our growing company. If you’d like to join our team, check out our open positions in NYC and Los Angeles, CA.

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