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  1. May



    1. Digiday Conference (all-day)
      May 14





      Magnetic Media Online will be attending the Digiday Conference on May 14th, 2012. 

      The Digiday Conference is a high-level event focused on the decisionmakers and difference-makers in digital media. The sessions will skip the usual conference format of panels to feature one-on-one keynote interviews, debates and “hypebuster” presentations that will challenge the way you think of your business in digital media. 

      If you would like to join us at Digiday, visit http://digidayconference.com/ for more information.

    2. Internet Week New York (all-day)
      May 14






      Now in its 5th year, Internet Week New York is a week-long festival celebrating NYC’s thriving internet industry and community.  Magnetic is excited to be attending this event.

      If you would like more information on Internet Week, visit https://www.internetweekny.com/.  We hope to see you there!


    3. OMMA Mobile (all-day)
      May 14





       Join Magnetic at OMMA Mobile, the official kick-off event for Internet week!

      This conference is designed for content producers, brand marketers, and agency professionals to learn about the latest trends in mobile marketing. The top mobile marketing executives, agency executives, and media decision makers will share their experiences, insights, research, big ideas, and predictions on the future of mobile marketing.

      If you would like some more information on this event, please visit http://www.mediapost.com/ommamobile/

  2. May



    1. OMMA Social (all-day)
      May 15






      OMMA Social will be taking place on May 15th and Magnetic is excited to be attending. 

      OMMA Social is designed to guide marketers and agency execs through the terrain of social media and how it relates to your brand or web property. This one-day conference will address social marketing challenges and provide insight into the future of this medium including valuable information on all the tools and resources available to utilize social media to its fullest potential. Top names in the industry will share secrets for connecting with consumers online using social networks and uncover new insights and emerging trends of this burgeoning phenomenon.

      For more information on OMMA social, visit http://www.mediapost.com/ommasocial/

  3. May



    1. Digital Media Summit (all-day)
      May 16









      Magnetic is proud to be a sponsor of the LUMA Partners 4th Annual Digital Media Summit held during Internet Week New York.

      DMS brings together the best of industry and investment conferences for digital media decision-makers. Leading private company CEOs, all the large strategics, and the top venture/PE professionals comprise the summit attendees.  This is a not-to-be-missed event that attracts more than 300 leaders in digital media.

      For more information on DMS, visit http://www.amiando.com/dms12.html



    2. OMMA RTB (all-day)
      May 16









      The OMMA Real-Time Buying event will take place on May 16th as part of New York’s Internet Week 2012.

      This one-day conference will take place as an official event of Internet Week in New York City, focusing on all components of the programmatic buying phenomenon & marketplace. The event will feature in-depth panels, keynotes and case studies as we seek to coveri the many corners of this emerging phenomenon – DSPs, exchanges, trading desks & sell-side platforms, bringing to light best practices and challenges media buyers face in employing these tools.

      For more on this event, please visit http://www.mediapost.com/ommartb/

  4. May



    1. OMMA Video (all-day)
      May 17










      OMMA Video is taking place on May 17th and Magnetic will be in attendance! 

      OMMA Video, MediaPost’s semi-annual conference about the art and science of marketing, advertising, producing and distributing video on the Web, covers everything from innovative new ad formats, to enhanced video targeting technologies, to online television, branded Web series, and viral distribution strategies.

      If you would like to attend this event, please find more information at http://www.mediapost.com/ommavideo/

  5. May



    1. iMedia Agency Summit (all-day)
      May 20








      Magnetic will be attending the iMedia Agency Summit in Colorado Springs on May 20-23rd.

      The emergence and collision of Social, Local and Mobile media is today’s hottest marketing trifecta. And the paradigm is challenging long-standing agency models and forcing evolution. Join us for a collaborative deep dive that will emphasize agency progression around the digital tri-platform.

      For more information on the Summit, please visit .