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Who we are

At Magnetic™, our mission is to help our customers find their customers with superior efficiency.

To that end, we’ve developed a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to apply search data to all online advertising. Targeting advertisements to website visitors without direct knowledge of user intent is difficult. Magnetic makes search retargeting easy. Search ads are the highest converting ads on the Internet. Our data marketplace empowers advertisers and publishers to use search data as the key indicator of intent and retarget their campaigns to the most relevant audience online.

Magnetic compiles data from search engines and website partners that serve sponsored search ads. Our marketplace has an easy-to-use, self-serve interface familiar to online advertisers and our advanced technology enables easy creation of custom segments in a single step. Because we target keywords and not users we are also able to implement the best practices in privacy including human-readable privacy policies, P3P compact privacy policies, W3C policy placement standards and user opt-out.

Since 2008, we’ve helped serve more than 1 billion impressions monthly.
We’re the search data partner of choice for more than 90 leading agencies, ad networks and DSPs. Our advanced technology provides the largest payments to search data providers.

Founded by industry experts, Magnetic is headquartered in New York City and funded by investors including Roger Ehrenberg, Founder Collective and
NYC Seed.

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