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Magnetic Focus Redefines Search By Removing Limitations of SEM

Platform Connects Marketers and Customers Beyond the Search Engine Network

NEW YORK—July 14, 2011Magnetic (https://magnetic.is), the leader in search retargeting, today announced the Beta release of its new self-service platform, Magnetic Focus. Magnetic Focus challenges the boundaries of search, enabling agencies and search engine marketers to use display or text ads to reach consumers at any point of their online experience, even beyond the search engine network, where the search was initiated.

“Magnetic Focus is redefining the role of the search engine,” says Magnetic CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis. “This new platform enables advertisers to move beyond the search engine and retarget customers that have already shown themselves to be interested in product or service. Now we have Magnetic Frame for display ads, Magnetic Field for ad network and exchanges and Magnetic Focus to complete our search retargeting trifecta. It allows advertisers to take the power of search beyond the search engine.”

Shatkin-Margolis pointed out that Magnetic Focus does not compete with Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search network. Instead, Magnetic Focus enhances an advertiser’s ability to work within the general framework of search retargeting to eliminate the limitations of working within a set of keywords or search results as typical with SEM campaigns.

Released in Alpha in early December last year, the difference between Magnetic Focus and major search engine marketing interfaces is that the ads do not appear along specific search engine results. Instead, ads targeted using Magnetic Focus appear on inventory across Google and Yahoo! ad exchanges targeted at the same audience that has already searched for those keywords. Due to the increased supply of inventory, the effective cost to the advertiser is lower. Subsequently, ROI is higher for search retargeting when compared to search engine marketing.

“Our proprietary keyword generation system enables advertisers to expand their current SEM list,” continued Shatkin-Margolis. “In the process, it’s more efficient. An advertiser can pay $25 per click to target the keywords ‘car insurance’ in AdWords or you can pay $2 per click to reach those same people who searched for ‘car insurance’ after they leave the search engine.”

About Magnetic:

Magnetic was founded in 2008 by CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis, formerly of Yahoo! and DoubleClick, who introduced the concept of search retargeting. Magnetic’s search retargeting technology is a scalable search data marketplace, handling 100’s of millions of keyword combinations. With 5 billion monthly searches, Magnetic gives marketers and agencies the ability to leverage this data across multiple digital channels. Magnetic’s customer base includes Fortune 500 brands, the largest U.S. advertising agencies, ad networks, exchanges and demand side platforms. The company is headquartered in New York City and funded by investors including Charles River Ventures, NYC Seed, Roger Ehrenberg’s IA Capital Partners, Founder Collective, New York City Investment Fund, Ron Conway and multiple angels.  For more information, please visit magnetic.is

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