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Magnetic Launches Search Retargeting Report


As the future of digital advertising continues to develop, Magnetic today released a report titled “The Future is Now,” a market analysis that explores the changes taking place in the digital industry by specifically looking at the growth of display advertising and search.

The report, which includes insights from top digital experts and industry leaders, is the first research initiative dedicated entirely to analyzing the power of search retargeting.  In particular, it argues that the future of digital advertising ultimately lies within the combination of search data and display advertisements.  As Magnetic’s CEO, James Green, suggests “There is no more compelling time to put a display or text ad in front of someone than after they search for a specific product…the report reinforces this belief and highlights the promise of search retargeting as the vehicle for placing your brand in front of the customer at the right point in the purchase decision cycle.” The report also highlights that although search spending is expected to double by 2016, display advertising will nearly triple (reaching an estimated $27 Billion).

In addition to discussing the growth patterns of display and search, the report also covers topics such as :

  • Effect of customer demand on digital technology
  • The concept of bringing SEM beyond the search engine
  • Future opportunities and best practices for search retargeting

To read more about how display is expected to drive innovation in search and search retargeting, download the report now>>