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Magnetic Search Retargeting Makes Data Accessible for All Demand Side Platforms

Invite Media, MediaMath, XA.net and [x+1] Leverage Data from Magnetic Marketplace to Serve Search-Targeted Display Ads

NEW YORK – April 15, 2010 – Magnetic (magnetic.is), the leader in search retargeting, announced partnerships with several leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) today, including Invite Media,MediaMath,  and [x+1]. The Magnetic data marketplace provides DSPs, advertisers and publishers with user search data, which is then used as a key indicator of intent that can be applied for any ad campaign. Other DSP partners include DataXuLucid Media and Rocket Fuel Inc.. Interactive media and data buyers interested in accessing the marketplace can visit magnetic.is or send email to .

By making search data easily accessible to DSPs, Magnetic is evolving a new class of ‘search DSPs’ and empowering their businesses with the potential of the SEM market:

  • “Our partnership with Magnetic offers our clients easy access to search targeting data,” said Nathaniel Turner, Invite Media’s Founder and CEO. “Our Bid Manager© platform gives media buyers a competitive edge through the effectiveness of SEM on highly targeted display media across a massive pool of inventory.”
  • “MediaMath is focused squarely on delivering best-in-class technology that enables agencies to better manage day-to-day strategy without always having to contend with execution,” said Marta Martinez, MediaMath’s senior vice president of operations and business development. “Integrating Magnetic’s data into our industry-leading TerminalOne platform further enhances our ability to drive results for enterprise-class clients.”
  • “Our CPMatic ad platform now allows large and small advertisers alike instant, easy access to keyword data for their display campaigns,” said Rob Leathern, CEO of XA.net. “Whether they are buying self-service via cpmatic.com or via our account team, every advertiser can leverage their keyword learnings to immediately benefit using search data from the Magnetic marketplace.”
  • “We’ve been encouraged by data we’ve applied through Magnetic,” said John Nardone, CEO of [x+1]. “Together, we’ve allowed marketers to identify high-quality prospects who have made their purchasing intentions known. With the precise segmentation capabilities of our online targeting platform, enhanced with Magnetic’s search data, we are making display advertising more relevant than ever before.”

Magnetic launched with a mission to help its customers find their customers by making search retargeting easy and accessible for all types of ad buyers. To date, the Magnetic marketplace has driven billions of media impressions for demand side platforms.

About Magnetic

Magnetic™ makes search retargeting easy. The Magnetic data marketplace empowers advertisers and publishers to use search data as the key indicator of intent and re-target campaigns to the most relevant audience online. With more than 200 million search profiles, Magnetic significantly lifts the value of media and improves campaign perfor- mance. Magnetic’s advanced technology provides the largest payment to search data providers. It is the search data partner of choice for more than 40 leading agencies, ad networks and DSPs. Magnetic is headquartered in New York, funded by investors including Roger Ehrenberg, Founder Collective and NYC Seed. For more information visit: magnetic.is.

Magnetic Contact:

Laura Fischer