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Search Retargeting is…

Search Retargeting is….

the ability to target display ads based on user search history.

What We Know:

Search data represents the highest form of intent data.

Sponsored search ads (text ads served in the right-hand column of Google) are the highest performing Internet ads. Yet, only 4% of users’ time online is spent on search engines, while 96% is spent on sites serving display ads (i.e. nytimes.com, CNN.com, ABC.com, etc.).

Why it Matters:

Magnetic’s search retargeting platform takes search data, as an indicator for user intent, and applies it to the remaining 96% of ad inventory where users spend there time. For  example, Magnetic places ‘car insurance’ display ads on LA Times.com in front of users that searched for ‘car insurance’ in the past 30 days.

Through Magnetic, marketers can target display and search-based ads based off of user search history for both brand awareness and direct response campaigns.

Its simple. With Magnetic, advertisers can reach users that have previously searched for a product or service, showcasing your brand when it matters most.

How it Works

Magnetic helps you ensure your brand is seen when consumers are in consideration and/or purchase mode.