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Co-Founder of Questus Calls for a New Focus in Advertising

In the latest installment of the s, Magnetic founder, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, attempts to further understand the challenges and changes that are currently taking place in the digital marketing industry.

In his most recent segment, titled “All Marketers are Geniuses: ‘Cut the B.S.,’” Josh sits down with Jeff Rosenblum, co-founder of Questus, an advertising agency with a reputation for crafting some of the most innovative campaigns in the industry for top brands, including General Mills, Capital One, and Suzuki Motorcycles.

In the article, Rosenblum touches on his upcoming documentary, which highlights the ever-evolving marketing landscape and argues that that corporations and advertisers can no longer fool consumers. As Rosenblum puts it, “agencies need to create experiential platforms that enable brands to create a two-way dialogue with customers. Traditional advertising still plays a role in these platforms – advertising is not dead – but we need to think of it entirely differently and put our focus into every single place that a brand touches a customer.”

The advertising industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, and therefore, the article suggests that brands need to similarly transform the way they reach consumers. As Rosenblum argues, “advertisers need to realize that they have a very limited ability to change consumers’ perceptions through messaging alone. Time and attention should be spent on aspects of the customer relationship where we can make a difference.”

The article goes on to discuss new technology platforms in the display industry that are helping to creatively target consumers, such as Meteor Solutions, Meebo, and C3 Metrics. As Rosenblum mentions, however, “the problem is that most brands don’t use these tools. Brands that are lazy and want to simply serve up traditional ad units because they are easy to create and traffic will fail.” Ultimately, in order to succeed in the current marketplace, advertising agencies and corporations need to redefine their approach and use nonconventional methods to target consumers. Only through the use of such tactics, Rosenblum argues, can marketers be considered true geniuses.

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