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Five Tips for Site and Search Retargeting

Collective’s latest newsletter, AMP Audience Insights features Magnetic in their Sepemtber edition, showing the importance of following up with intent consumers through site and search retargeting. To successfully carry a user though the purchase funnel, it is key to follow up with that user after they visit your site or after they have searched for your product or service. Magnetic’s founder Josh Shatkin-Margolis shares five actions that are imperative to executing the most effective search retargeting campaign.

  1. Define Goals: It is not enough to simply say you want to follow up on all those new or existing customers. It is important to understand your customer’s path to conversion. Don’t simply create a goal for your campaign based on clicks or page views.
  2. Identify Audiences: This is where companies like Collective and Magnetic work well together. There are multiple customer segments for your product and there are multiple paths to conversion. Learn them. Understand the keywords each would be searching for. This is a crucial exercise
  3. Select Inventory: From comScore 250 to ad exchange inventory and even affinity sites, there are a lot of ways to get in front of the right user at the right time and with the right message. The beauty of site and search retargeting is that you have the ability to control what inventory you want for your brand message. Grab the reigns of your campaign and ensure brand safety while targeting the most relevant audience online.
  4. Design Relevant Creative: Serve flash, graphical and video content that is relevant to the targeted audience segment. It is important to have creative that have a clear call to action. If you are conquesting, mention the competitor’s product and provide a clear reason for picking your products. If you are targeting the upper funnel, be informative. If you are targeting the bottom funnel, mention the price or offer a deal close to the customer. Customize the message for users who have already converted to thank them or up sell them with accessories.
  5. Tag, Baby, Tag: Conversion tags provide insight into successful optimization by helping determine which keywords, data sources, recency of searches along with media, creative, geo, etc. are driving results. When it comes to optimization, conversion tags become your best friend.