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From Search Retargeting to Social Change

Magnetic’s Meg Maginnis, a Founding Member of NYC Organization Sumeria Group Focuses on Social Change

Do you have a Magnetic personality? Meg Maginnis, Account Manager for Business Development at Magnetic, certainly does. Meg is one of the founding members of , an organization that ‘uses social engagement to achieve social change.’ Through mentor programs and city-wide events aimed at young professionals, Sumeria group supports underfunded schools with both their time and funding. Founded in 2011, Sumeria has already completed two fundraising initiatives to benefit Harlem RBI Baseball and My Good Deed.

Sumeria Group’s next event will be  on Saturday, January 21st in  New York  City. The goal of the event is to raise $75,000 to benefit St. Joseph  School in the Bronx. As part  of the St. Joseph School initiative, members are also participating in a mentor program  during  the months surrounding the event.

Meg says she is really lucky to be a part of such a young organization — “The people that I’ve met through Sumeria and the kids that we’ve been able to connect with are all really tremendous and inspiring individuals. We hope that we’re creating the foundation for something that will be around for many years to come.”

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