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Search Retargeting Success for Retailers

Search retargeting leader Magnetic has released insights across retail clients. The campaign examples, which included a major department store, an established online retailer, and a large gift retailer, highlighted performance metrics that far exceeded campaign goals for each advertiser.

With the most crucial season for e-commerce revenue upon us, brand marketers are pressed to formulate effective retail campaign strategies.

According to Alan Osetek, President, Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company, “With search retargeting, you can run a campaign that drives both awareness and direct response. The ability to bridge the silos between the ideology behind display and search really helps brands, specifically those in retail or e-commerce, drive consumers through the funnel, increasing that ROI and return on ad spend.”

At October’s Search Marketing Expo East, Osetek went on to express the advantages of search retargeting, in that it can be used as a strategy for customer retention, customer prospecting, and upselling purposes.

Josh Shatkin Margolis, founder of Magnetic, adds that “retailers that leverage search retargeting in Q4 will gain a competitive advantage by harnessing that data to drive awareness for holiday sales and ultimately conversions both online and in-store.”

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