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Magnetic Announces Industry Leading Search Retargeting Solution for Retailers Powered by Tumri’s Dynamic Ad Platform

Magnetic and Tumri’s Deep Technical Integration Enables the Only Offering in the Market That Allows Retailers to Combine Fast, Precise and Seamless Site Re-Targeting With Search Retargeting

NEW YORK, NY–(October 18, 2010) – Magnetic (magnetic.is), the leader in search retargeting, today announced a joint marketing solution with Tumri to help find potential high intent customers who are generally searching for products that retailers sell. Tumri, the leading provider of dynamic creative optimization solutions for display advertisers and agencies, conducted a deep technical integration with Magnetic, making it easy for marketers to conduct site retargeting in-tandem with search retargeting. The solution can serve product-specific ads based on what customers viewed on retailers’ sites, and what they are looking for on search engines and comparison shopping sites. Marketers now have the opportunity to serve pinpoint accurate ads to people actively searching for products that retailers offer before that customer visits a competitor’s site.

Magnetic has been driving the emergence of search retargeting, bringing the power of search to all display media where advertisers would enjoy enormous benefits such as cost-effectiveness and better ROI. Magnetic leverages search data as a key indicator of intent to re-target customers in purchase mode wherever they are on the Internet. The Magnetic marketplace helps advertisers and publishers apply search data to significantly lift campaign performance. Magnetic extracts maximum value out of search data by making it easy to identify customer intent based on keywords and categories.

“Magnetic and Tumri are moving advertising to a new level by enabling the most powerful form of targeting at a massive scale. What’s been missing with basic targeted ads is that while marketers know the audience profile, they don’t know what specific item single users are interested in. Customizing this interaction with dynamic ads to single customers, in a wider and cost-effective fashion, will lead to better conversions,” said Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO of Magnetic. “By finding the people previously on a retailer’s site and the people looking for products on search engines, Magnetic and Tumri can help marketers increase the likelihood of conversions and improve ROI.”

Tumri is the leader in dynamic marketing. Its dynamic marketing solutions power campaigns for leading display advertisers. By working with Tumri and Magnetic, marketers can deliver specific messages to customers with the added benefit of scale that reaches a wider range of customers that have expressed intent through web search.

“Considering the vast catalog of products that retailers offer, along with the challenge of making each ad highly specific to the user, our offering with Magnetic gives retailers a competitive advantage in reaching the widest possible range of customers most likely to convert, and then serving each of them product-specific ads for items they are interested in,” said Hari Menon, co-founder and CEO of Tumri. “This joint offering allows us to make a compelling case for mass marketing needs from the largest retailers by expanding their reach beyond customers who have already visited their site.”

A recent study by comScore and ValueClick showed that retargeted ads increase trademark search behavior by 1,046%. Additionally, other research has shown that re-targeting offers significant cost savings in CPMs by 20% or greater than un-targeted media buys. Furthermore, re-targeting can perform 100% better on a click-through basis. However, traditional re-targeting can only reach consumers who already visited a marketer’s site. Magnetic delivers display ads with the ROI of search marketing by widening the number of likely customers, reaching people who searched for keyword terms that are important to the marketer.

Magnetic works with best-in-class partners to deliver the most effective solution for all marketers. Its platform is integrated with top-class DSPs, ad networks, and video ad networks to apply search data targeting for various forms of display media. It has also teamed with ad agencies to enable search re-targeting on a wide scale through a quick and easy insertion order. With Tumri, Magnetic continues to push search retargeting forward by making it easy for large retailers to find customers most likely to purchase.

About Magnetic
Magnetic™ makes search retargeting easy. The Magnetic data marketplace empowers advertisers and publishers to use search data as the key indicator of intent and re-target campaigns to the most relevant audience online. With more than 300 million search profiles, Magnetic significantly lifts the value of media and improves campaign performance. Magnetic’s advanced technology provides the largest payment to search data providers. It is the search data partner of choice for more than 100 leading agencies, ad networks and DSPs. Magnetic is headquartered in New York, funded by investors including Charles River Ventures, Ron Conway, NYC Investment Fund, Roger Ehrenberg of IA Capital, Founder Collective and NYC Seed. For more information visit:magnetic.is.

About Tumri
Tumri is the leading provider of dynamic creative optimization solutions for display advertisers and agencies. Tumri’s Self-Service Dynamic Creative Platform and solutions improve overall marketing performance by making display advertising more efficient, more intelligent and more relevant to consumers. Tumri’s platform reduces creative production costs, improves efficiency, increases effectiveness and delivers unparalleled consumer insights through its proprietary real-time analytics. Tumri’s patent-pending technology also offers fully integrated and automated testing, personalization and optimization on every campaign. Tumri was named an AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 winner in 2009 and 2010, an  winner, a winner of two Internet Advertising Competition awards, two Summit International Awards and named a “One to Watch” company at Dealmaker Media’s Momentum Growth Conference. Tumri is funded by Accel Partners, Shasta Ventures, Tenaya Capital and Time Warner. To learn more about Tumri visit www.tumri.com.

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