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Magnetic Search Retargeting Issues Call for Greater Transparency in Online Advertising Industry

Search retargeting strategies offer up control over where and to whom ads are shown

New YorkMarch 21, 2011—Magnetic (https://magnetic.is), the leader in search retargeting, today issued an industry-wide call for greater transparency in online advertising. According to Nielsen Media Research comparing the time spent on a particular medium to the advertising spend, the gap between the amount of people’s time spent on the Internet (38%) and online ad spend (8%) is indicative of great growth opportunities, especially as customers continue to spend more and more time online, but also points to an underlying level of hesitation among advertisers.

“We are constantly looking for partners that can help us expand the reach of the search marketing landscape while maintaining similar levels of profitability,” said Nathan Sandford, Associate Media Director, Optimedia.

Magnetic is first in the development of technology that helps agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms harness the power of search data for display media through an easy and safe interface, allowing advertisers to control where advertisements are shown and what keywords are used. As search remains the highest converting ads online, the ability for advertisers to leverage the data culled from the 2% of online time users spend on search engines with the other 98% of time online is paramount.

Rachel DiNardi of Optimedia adds, “By working with Magnetic, we control which ads get shown, on which sites, in which geographic location and to which audience, precisely based on keywords consumers have searched for. This augments our search marketing reach and maintains the same profitability and transparency that our clients are accustomed to.”

Magnetic’s self-service SEM interface, Magnetic Focus, delivers features and functionality similar to what paid search marketers use today, enabling SEM agencies and in-house search marketers to specify the specific keywords used for targeting their content, just as you can in search.

“Search retargeting, by definition, solves the ongoing issue for advertisers and publishers lacking transparency in targeting,” said Magnetic CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis. “Magnetic is very different from other behavioral ad networks that use black box algorithms and even other data exchanges that have look alike models to calculate ‘intenders.’ Instead, we provide transparency in bringing on new customers because we show our advertisers exactly which sites and exactly which keywords they will be targeting.”

Magnetic makes it easy for advertisers to do this by delivering content to potential customers that have searched for current, competitive or future keywords.

For more information, visit magnetic.is.com

About Magnetic:

Magnetic™ makes search re-targeting easy. The Magnetic data marketplace empowers advertisers and publishers to use search data as the key indicator of intent and re-target campaigns to the most relevant audience online. With more than 500 million search profiles, Magnetic significantly lifts the value of media and improves campaign performance. Magnetic’s advanced technology provides the largest payment to search data providers. It is the search data partner of choice for more than 100 leading agencies, ad networks and DSPs. Magnetic is headquartered in New York, funded by investors including Charles River Ventures, Ron Conway, NYC Investment Fund, Roger Ehrenberg of IA Capital, Founder Collective and NYC Seed. For more information visit: magnetic.is.