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comScore & Magnetic Show the State of Search & Search Retargeting

Download the complete comScore + Magnetic presentation >>
On Thursday, August 11th, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO at Magnetic joined comScore’s Eli Goodman in a live webinar focused on search retargeting.

Search Evangelist Eli Goodman kicked off the webinar with a look into the state of search, showing that there were 26.6 billion searches performed in June 2011. Eli noted that search growth is driven by increased intensity, giving off a 6% year over year growth. Goodman calls out that it’s the number of searches per searcher that is fueling the growth, not the number of people actual searching online.

Josh led the search retargetomg conversation with an interesting stat: Although search is the highest performing form of internet advertising, only 4% of users time is actually spent in the search engine, while 96% of time is spent on sites serving display ads.

Josh went on to show the audience how to take the power of search and apply to display advertising. He offered up the following best practices for running a search retargeting campaign:

  1. Define Goals: conquesting, lower funnel activities (with clear attribution model), branding to specific audiences
  2. Select Inventory: comScore 250, exchange media, with or w/out user generated content
  3. Identify Audience: define keywords that your audience would be searching for, and leverage keyword generation tools to increase scale
  4. Place Conversion Tags: these provide insights to successful optimization – helping determine which keywords, data sources, recency of searches along with media, creative, geo, etc. are driving results
  5. Optimize: tailor keywords, recency window, inventory, etc. to beat KPIs, while balancing between precision & scale

Check out a search retargeting case study here >>