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Careers-Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Magnetic™ is always looking for talented and professional individuals to join our growing company. If you’d like to join our team or find out more about what we do, please send your resume and a statement of your specific interests to .


Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Magnetic is changing Internet advertising with search retargeting, using what people search for to target what display ads they see — anywhere on the Internet. It’s a proven model that has led to a successful product, but we have much more to do.

We need to scale our systems for processing data and serving ads, to extend our applications that manage customer campaigns, and to respond to new opportunities as our business evolves. It’s a competitive market, and we need to make sure we can move faster than the competition while still reliably delivering results to our customers.

The operations challenges are diverse and interesting, near-term and long-term.

In the near term, we need to automate release, extend production monitoring and manage production support, and streamline server provisioning to support scale, security and repeatable release. We need to build servers and rack them, and manage our internal network.

Looking longer term, we need hosting and cloud strategy, the right platform and tool choices and vendor relationships, and the metrics and analysis to forecast capacity and plan for growth. And beyond these specific challenges, we need to infuse our development culture with a relentless operations mentality.

To realize the opportunity before us we need a versatile, gifted Lead Operations Engineer. As you lead all aspects of operations at one of New York’s hottest startups, you’ll have the opportunity to build core systems that help define our operations standards and strategy. You’ll be integral to our success from your first day on the job.

If this sounds like a challenge you are excited to meet, we’d love to hear from you.


- Define and implement a rock-solid automated release process, for all systems to all environments
- Define, develop and deploy production monitoring and alerting systems
- Respond to and resolve production issues
- Manage production support coverage
- Provision, configure and rack web application and data processing servers
- Manage and support internal network, including firewall configuration and integration with external services
- Procure servers and other hardware, manage relationships and contracts with service providers and partners
- Ensure secure configuration of all systems, and document security policies
- Establish and enforce operational standards and best practices for application development, such as application monitors, error handling and logging
- Manage long-term growth of platform and systems, including physical architecture and hosting strategy

Required Skills/ Experience:

- Significant experience managing and supporting multiple operating systems, environments and applications
- Expert proficiency in Linux system metrics and tools
- Expert proficiency in designing and supporting networks, including firewall configuration
- Experience provisioning and configuring a variety of servers
- Experience with network, server and application security
- Deep experience with HTTP and Internet applications and services

Strongly Preferred Skills/ Experience:

- Experience with virtualization, cloning and provisioning VM images, and managing VM’s
- Experience with configuration management tools
- Experience with package management and deployment tools
- Experience with network and host monitoring, alerting and historical reporting tools
- Experience managing vendor relationships
- Expert proficiency in shell scripting and at least one common scripting language, such as Python, Perl or Ruby
- Experience supporting applications integrated with EC2
- Experience supporting Rails applications
- Experience supporting Hadoop applications
- Experience supporting MongoDB, MySql, HAProxy and APC
- Experience with PXE Boot Server, Puppet and Capistrano
- Experience supporting Rails, PHP, and Perl applications

Preferred Skills/ Experience:

- Experience in online advertising
- Experience with continuous integration tools
- Experience with performance testing
- Experience with load testing
- Experience supporting distributed applications


- Base Salary
- Comprehensive Benefits Package

Submit resume to .