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Careers-Software Engineer

Magnetic™ is always looking for talented and professional individuals to join our growing company. If you’d like to join our team or find out more about what we do, please send your resume and a statement of your specific interests to .


Software Engineer

Magnetic is the leader in search retargeting, using what people search for to target what display ads they see anywhere on the Internet.

It’s a great time for an engineer to join: we have a proven model, coherent and ambitious expansion plans driven by new architecture and features, and yet a small enough team that joining now means you make a huge impact across our entire stack.

Our business is driven by technology, with challenges including building a network of high performance web servers, vastly expanding the market reach of our elegant Rails application, expanding Hadoop processing to drive product efficiency and identify new opportunities, and centralizing data architecture on MongoDB.

To meet these challenges we’re looking for a great generalist. Relevant experience is important, but the desire to help a successful startup reach the next level by doing whatever it takes is crucial. Compensation is competitive, benefits solid (excellent medical, vision, dental, 401K fully paid for), and the perks are there too (stocked snack shelf and fridge, free beer, pool table, amazing New York views from our Times Square office).

Strongly Preferred Skills/ Experience:
- Computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree
- Startup experience
- Hands-on developer or operations experience with online advertising systems, or, general experience with low-latency systems

Preferred Skills/Experience:
- Experience with any of the following: Ruby, Rails, Hadoop, MongoDB, node.js, MySQL, PHP
- Experience developing in Hadoop (or other map reduce) and managing and tuning a cluster. Alternatively, experience with any distributed data processing such as ETL.
- Experience writing any performance-sensitive code. You should be able to reason about performance, test it, and load test it.
- Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as monit, Scout or New Relic. You should be proud to own in production what you code in dev.
- Experience with Agile methodology
- Experience with continuous integration process and tools

Submit resume to .