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            While TV remains the king of ad spending, Interactive Marketing is predicted to overtake its throne by 2016. According to Forrester, investments in digital (this includes search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media) will climb to $77 billion and represent 26% of all advertising. What role do Search and Display play in the predicted growth of Interactive Marketing spend?


Panel Video: Search Insider Summit

At this year’s Search Insider Summit, Magnetic CEO James Green discussed with fellow panelists how to apply the performance of search to display advertising. Check out the panel video, where industry leaders converse about the developing role that data plays in a campaign’s performance.


Evolution of Search: Integration Across Digital Channels

In the latest installment of “All Marketers Are Geniuses,” Magnetic CEO James Green sits down with NetPlus CEO Robin Neifield to discuss the latest trends taking place in search marketing. Robin shared with Magnetic her take on how the search experience is changing for “searchers” and how this will impact digital advertising strategies. This recent segment, titled “Keeping up With the ...

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Magnetic Launches Search Retargeting Report

  As the future of digital advertising continues to develop, Magnetic today released a report titled “The Future is Now,” a market analysis that explores the changes taking place in the digital industry by specifically looking at the growth of display advertising and search. The report, which includes insights from top digital experts and industry leaders, is ...