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Magnetic is Mad Men

Introducing the new cast of Mad Men, featuring Nicole, Patrick, Cory, Jon & Bennett:


Magnetic, the leader in search retargeting, has named James Green as Chief Executive Officer. The industry veteran has over two decades of executive experience within digital companies, and has successfully led four companies to acquisition as CEO. His experience includes CEO posts at Giant Realm, PVI, and Giant Bear, and high level roles with Disney, Pixar and 24/7 Real Media. Green will ...


Search Retargeting Success for Retailers

Search retargeting leader Magnetic has released insights across retail clients. The campaign examples, which included a major department store, an established online retailer, and a large gift retailer, highlighted performance metrics that far exceeded campaign goals for each advertiser. With the most crucial season for e-commerce revenue upon us, brand marketers are pressed to formulate effective retail campaign strategies. According to Alan Osetek, President, Resolution ...


As the eighth annual Advertising Week comes to a close, a few themes remain clear: despite the recent economic downturn, advertising dollars are flowing, media innovation is expanding, and new marketing techniques are governing the future of the industry. In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled "Data and Storytelling Come Together at Advertising Week," blogger Ty McMahan recaps one ...