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Magnetic Field: For Data Buyers

Magnetic Field enables ad networks, publishers, ad exchange buyers and demand side platforms to better monetize ad inventory by matching the intent of your audience with your advertisers. By utilizing search as a key indicator of intent, Magnetic makes it easy to serve the right ad to the right user, improving the performance of your inventory.


Sponsored search ads are the highest converting ads because search represents the highest form of intent data. By utilizing search as a key indicator of intent we make it easy to serve relevant ads the right consumer, allowing for higher CPM’s, and ultimately, improving the performance while driving better monetization of your inventory. 
Our data buying interface, Magnetic Field, enables the power of search retargeting, allowing you to sell ads that are based on incoming users’ intentions rather than your content alone.

- An easy to use self-service interface integrating online training, support, and billing
- Generates, imports, and manages millions of keywords
- Leading privacy standards: simple opt out and no collection of personally identifiable information


Magnetic technology collects data on your custom selected keywords using a universally compatible retargeting pixel tag on sites serving Google and Yahoo! sponsored search ads (reaching 800+ million internet users).

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