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Magnetic Frame: Full-service for Advertisers

Magnetic Frame is a full-service search retargeting platform that allows advertisers to show display ads to consumers based on their search history, delivering your ads after a user searches for a product or service. Magnetic’s real-time campaign management powers optimization and high performing campaigns.


Magnetic has partnered with search engines serving sponsored search ads and through our search retargeting technology, we identify users who are in purchase mode based on their search history. Users associated with targeted keywords are cookied and modeled into “intent” related audience segments for search retargeting. Display ads are then served to these users based on specific targeting criteria (specific keywords, geo- targeting, etc.). For example, Magnetic places ‘car insurance’ display ads on LA Times.com in front of users that searched for ‘car insurance’ in the past 30 days.

Additionally, Magnetics’ proprietary keyword generation system automatically broad matches thousands/millions of keywords based on seedwords, increasing scale and reach.


Magnetic’s search retargeting platform enables advertisers to show display ads to users whom have signaled intent. Search retargeting allows advertisers to reach:

  1. Core customers (retention strategies)
  2. Brand prospects (customer acquisition)
  3. Competitive sets (include conquesting and targeted users based on competitive terms)


1. Identify if your advertiser falls into one of the following categories:

- Brand advertisers looking for transparency
- Search advertisers wanting to expand reach
- Display advertisers geared toward performance
- Advertisers focused on efficient pricing

2. Email VP of sales, with campaign details:

- Name of advertiser
- Target audience
- Type of inventory desired (exchange inventory, comScore 250, ad networks, etc.)
- Budget
- Campaign objective(s)

3. Receive proposal from Magnetic sales representative

Want more information on search retargeting and Magnetic? Check out Case Studies, The Scoop or Contact us to set up a meeting.