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Magnetic Focus: Self-service for Advertisers

Magnetic Focus is a self-service search retargeting platform that allows advertisers to show display ads to consumers based on their search history.

Magnetic Focus challenges the boundaries of search, enabling agencies and search engine marketers to use display or text ads to reach consumers at any point of their online experience, even beyond the search engine network, where the search was initiated.


Magnetic has partnered with search engines serving sponsored search ads and through our search retargeting technology, we identify users who are in purchase mode based on their search history. Users associated with targeted keywords are cookied and modeled into “intent” related audience segments for search retargeting. Display ads are then served to these users based on specific targeting criteria (specific keywords, geo- targeting, etc.).

Additionally, Magnetics’ proprietary keyword generation system automatically broad matches thousands/millions of keywords based on seedwords, increasing scale and reach.


Through Magnetic’s self-service platform, advertisers can target:

- Core customers (retention strategies)
- Brand prospects (customer acquisitions)
- Competitive sets (includes conquesting and targeting based on competitive terms/keywords)


- Efficient PPC-based pricing: For example, an advertiser can pay $25 per click for the keyword “car insurance” or through Magnetic Focus, pay $2 per click to reach the same users who searched for “car insurance” after they leave the search engine.
- Optimization at the keyword level
- Audience & competitor keyword targeting
- Supports both image & text ads
- Interface familiar to any search engine marketer


  1. Login to Magnetic Focus and/or contact us to create an account
  2. Set a budget for your campaign
  3. Create target audience list by entering seedwords or keywords
  4. Create text ads or upload image ads into platform
  5. Activate ads to start your campaign

Download more information about Magnetic Focus or Contact us directly to learn more.