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Magnetic Force: Site Retargeting

Magnetic Force is site retargeting. Force allows marketers to follow-up with customers that have previously visited their site by retargeting them with a display ad (text or image-based ads) on premium inventory and media available through ad exchanges.


Magnetic provides agencies and advertisers with a site retargeting pixel to place on the advertiser’s site. When a customer visits your web site, they are cookied, enabling Magnetic to retarget that user with a display or text ad after they have left your site. Magnetic retargets these users on the advertiser’s selected media source including comScore 250 and lower-cost exchange inventory. Through Magnetic’s self-service platform Focus, advertisers can harness the power of both search retargeting and site retargeting, enabling marketers to follow-up with users after they’ve searched for a product or service, and after they have left an advertiser’s web site.


By using both site and search retargeting, advertisers can fully leverage the power of intent – as seen in search data and the interest shown by the customer that has previously visited an advertiser’s site. The combination of search and site retargeting allows advertiser to:

  1. Re-engage Core customers or lost prospects (retention strategies)
  2. Drive new brand prospects (customer acquisition)
  3. Gain insights into conversions at the keyword level
  4. Reach customers with specific brand messages
  5. Effectively optimize audience targeting to drive ROI

For more information about the power of site and search retargeting, contact us.